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Monday, May 14th 2012, 9:24am

Author: bpa2323

Poly pipe size????

Hello, I am working on a system we have 8 gallons a minue with a pressure of around 35 psi +/- we have some long runs on some zones almost 200 feet on one and less on others. I am planning on 7-8 heads with .75 gpm in order to reduce the number of zones there are three zones as of now. Should I run all 1" poly or 1" poly to the valves and 3/4" poly for the runs? I want to make sure I have enough flow... any and all suggestions are welcom. Thanks

Wednesday, May 9th 2012, 4:15pm

Author: bpa2323

inlet size?

I am designing a system and wanted to know if there was any advantage to using 3/4 vs. 1/2 inch head inlet size. I am running 3/4 poly and using quick fittings and nipple risers. will using 1/2 inch reduce the flow alot or will I not see much difference?