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Tuesday, February 5th 2002, 11:26am



Can you tell me what is the best way to bring the waterline out of my house? I will be tapping into my main line with 1" copper pipe, then running a copper line to a Febco 825Y backflow preventor (inside mount), and then run copper pipe out of the House. I then believe it is best to switch over to PVC 1", and run it a few feet to the master valve (with screw on adapter). I will then continue to run PVC 1" to the branching manifolds, attaching it with a screw-on adapter. Is it better to eliminate...

Tuesday, February 5th 2002, 10:51am



What is the best way to branch from the mainline to the valves? The T-manifolds are the classical way to accomplish this, but they might have leakage problems. JA

Thursday, January 31st 2002, 7:16pm


Inside Install of a Febco RPZ Continue...

From our previous discussion on the Febco 825Y, you talked about a water bleeding mechanism in the case of a backflow condition. I am interested in installing this device in my basement. Would a 5 gal. pale under this device be sufficient to handle any water leakage problems? JA

Wednesday, January 30th 2002, 6:12am



Is there a way to lubricate the sprinkler heads inorder to perserve the seals? Does SW sell this product? My friends said to use WD-40, Armoral, and/or silicone spray. JA

Monday, January 21st 2002, 6:21am


Inside Install of a Febco RPZ

I am considering the purchase of a Febco 825Y. I would like to know if I could install this unit inside my house, rather in an enclosure in the ground. JA

Wednesday, January 16th 2002, 8:37pm


Donuts for Sprinklers

I heard that there are protectors for sprinklers called donuts. They surround the housing of the sprinkler and protect it from damage. Does SW sell this product to fit Hunter I-20 rotors and Institutional spray sprinklers? JA

Wednesday, January 16th 2002, 8:34pm


Sand Packs for Sprinklers

My friend suggested packing sand around the casing of the sprinkler. He puts sand up to 60% of the height of the sprinkler body, and then wets the sand down so that it will compact. He then adds dirt up to the top and plants grass. He claims that this method makes it easier to service the sprinklers, and forms a solid base (increases stability). What do you think about this method? JA

Tuesday, January 15th 2002, 10:28am


Enclosure for Fertigator

What type of enclosures are needed for the Fertigator system? JA

Thursday, December 27th 2001, 6:22am


What is an RPZ

What is a RPZ backflow device? Does SW sell them? I'm planning to use a good quality backflow device in conjunction with the Fertigator. Also, I want to make sure the town inspector doesn't give me or my contractor a hard time. JA

Thursday, December 27th 2001, 6:00am


Ployethylene Reaming Device

After the polyethylene pipe is cut, is there a special tool (reaming device) that needs to be used on the cut end; I saw this tool being used on "Home Time". When I went to Home Depot, they were not certain that this device existed. Does SW sell this type of device or is there different technique that can be used? JA

Monday, December 24th 2001, 1:05pm


Water drain before backflow preventor

Should a water drain be installed before the backflow preventer in order to make winterization easier; drain between valves and water meter. Also, where should ports be incorporated in the piping system in order to blow out the system for winterization? JA

Monday, December 24th 2001, 12:54pm


Water Filter

Should a water filter be put in before the control valves (in order to increase the life span of the valves)? Would this interfere with the water pressure? JA

Monday, December 24th 2001, 12:46pm



The Fertigator injector is installed before the control valve manifold; would injecting fertilizers harm Hunter HPV valves (or their filters) or create a problem with the back flow preventors. Also what do you think about Fertigator's drought relief product. JA

Monday, December 24th 2001, 11:29am


Generic Lawn Food

Is there a way to incorporate a system that can use an over the counter lawn food (Walmart/Home Depot specials) such as Miracle Grow Lawn Food into my automatic sprinkler system at a reasonable homeowners cost. With hand watering, I received excellent results with Miracle Grow. Also, please describe how such a system can be built, and would I need an expensive backflow preventer valve? Lastly, would doing this harm my valves or sprinkler heads? JA

Monday, December 24th 2001, 11:09am


Locks on valve boxes

Can valve boxes be purchased with locks? JA

Monday, December 24th 2001, 11:05am


Drain valve operation

I am determining if I should use drain valves in my new installation. I can't understand exactly how a drain valve works. When water is surging through the laterals does it shut down and allow sufficient water pressure and GPM to get to the sprinkler heads, or does it always stay open and cause a significant loss of efficiency (in terms of water resources) to the sprinklers associated with that zone? In terms of placement, should it be placed at the end of the zone, or at the lowest elevation on...

Monday, December 24th 2001, 10:41am


Funny Pipe

Can Funny Pipe be used with the Hunter Institutional spray sprinkler and the I-20 rotor sprinklers? Does Hunter make a product like Funny Pipe? Lastly, what is the difference between Funny Pipe and Super Funny Pipe (listed in Toro catalog 2001 page44)? JA

Monday, December 24th 2001, 10:15am


Strip Pattern Nozzles

I would like to water a grassy strip area between my sidewalk and my curve: 56ftx5ft. I would like to use Hunter LCS515, RCS515, and SS530. How tight of a square pattern do these nozzles deliver? Also, what would be the best way to arrange these nozzles in this area? JA

Monday, December 24th 2001, 10:08am


Measuring Distance

When I look at specifications on throw distances of sprinklers, I'm a little confused if they are talking about (thinking in terms of a right triangle) the distance in terms of the hypotenuse or the cosine (normal horizontal ground measurement) with respect to the angle set by the sprinkler rotor's valve angle. Is their some general rule to follow with respect to knowing the sprinkler's horizontal area of coverage; rather than having to break open my old physics books and factor in parameters su...

Monday, December 24th 2001, 9:45am



Will running pressurized air through rotors (which are normally water lubricated) cause excessive ware and tare on the rotor's gears? Also, would it damage the control valves? JA