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Wednesday, July 9th 2003, 5:20am

Author: hamsey

Weathermatic vs. Irritrol

I currently have weathermatic 12000 valves and am getting slight water hammer when the valve turns off. I read that the Irritrol have a slow shut off to eliminate water hammer. Would I be better off with the Irritrol? I had hunter PGV valves which failed in the first year so I replaced with weathermatic. I would replace with the Irritrol 200B. Thank You! Norm

Monday, June 30th 2003, 5:26am

Author: hamsey

When to start watering?

What time should I start watering? I have 3 zones and water for 40 minutes each zone. I live in CT. Right now I start watering @ 6:30a. I programmed a 10 minute delay between zones (On a well). I was thinking about starting to water @ 5:00a but, do not know if this is too early or if 6:30 is too late. Thank You, Norm