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Thursday, May 17th 2018, 11:36am

Author: hunterwolf

"Single" Drip Nozzles Off of 1/2" PVC

Our main 1" PVC distribution piping runs 550" and each tree is connected to the distribution pipe by 1/2" PVC with "Full, Half, and Quarter Circle Sprinkler, and Variable Arc Spray Nozzles. We want to replace these existing Nozzles and start using a Direct Drip Nozzle for each tree. We are not interesting in reducing down from 1/2" PVC to 1/4" poly tubbing and adjustable Drip Emitters. Is there a 1/2" Adjustable Drip Nozzle available that will screw directly into the 1/2" Sch 80 PVC Pipe Nipple ...