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Friday, July 21st 2006, 7:11am

Author: ejzajac


I know that only low pressure can be used especially with Poly tubing. What is "ideal" volume, CFM, that should be used.

Tuesday, June 7th 2005, 12:05pm

Author: ejzajac

Drip irrigation control valves

Any suggestions for control valves for low pressure Rainbird dripline irrigation. I'm using Hunter HPV 101GS on my other rotor zones. Will use a pressure regulator and filter system with the drip line zone. Thanks

Tuesday, June 7th 2005, 11:47am

Author: ejzajac

MP Rotator

At the pressure of 30psi the smallest arc on the 1000 series is apprx 10-11 ft. Can sprayers be added on the same zone to water a small irregular corner too small for a MP Rotator?

Sunday, May 22nd 2005, 5:34pm

Author: ejzajac

MP Rotator

Sprinkler warehouse does not seem to carry these. Any internet or mail order sources??

Monday, May 9th 2005, 12:42pm

Author: ejzajac

Drip irrigation control valves

Rainbird has a new valve designed for drip systems. Does anyone have experience with this system or other suggestions? The rainbird drip line system will be every 12". Thank you

Monday, May 2nd 2005, 11:17am

Author: ejzajac

Walla walla rotary sprays

Both rainbird and walla walla sprinkler are making rotary sprays. Are these available from Sprinkler warehouse?? other sources?

Monday, May 2nd 2005, 4:26am

Author: ejzajac

plastic main line

I'm using 1 1/4" PVC from my POC to control valves and 1" Poly to the heads. Does the PVC needed to be rated for "pressure" water supply or can I simply use "schedule 80" PVC? Thank you

Friday, April 15th 2005, 1:50pm

Author: ejzajac

short distance rotors

I have some irregular spaces that will restrict the radius of throw to 14-16 ft. However, within the same zone could space several rotors at 25-30 ft. (head to head) Suggestions for products. If sprays were used in the narrower sections it would be a limited number in that zone.

Friday, April 15th 2005, 6:18am

Author: ejzajac

Windy area

Any experiences with Hunter's Mini weather station. I live in a windy area on a hill and am plagued with difficulties in setting sprays and rotors.

Wednesday, April 13th 2005, 1:58pm

Author: ejzajac

rotary spray nozzles

What has been the feedback on this new Rainbird product?? They discuss matched precipitation rates with 5000 plus rotors. Does this mean they cound be used in the same zone together??

Wednesday, April 13th 2005, 9:25am

Author: ejzajac


Has anyone experience with the new rainbird dual 1200 sprays? How do they compare to Hunter PRO or Rainbird 1800??

Wednesday, April 13th 2005, 8:57am

Author: ejzajac

1" valves

Suggestions on Hunter HPV101 vs. Irritrol 205SF. Is flow control worthwhile? Slip vs. threaded in cold climate?

Wednesday, April 13th 2005, 8:50am

Author: ejzajac

14 zone

My project will include a 14 zone system which includes some zones for drip irrigation. What would people suggest. HUNTER or RAINBIRD?

Monday, February 21st 2005, 9:06am

Author: ejzajac

irritrol valve

I'm planning on usinf irritrol 2400 control valves on the next project. Do most installers use the threaded or the slip style? Is "flow control" of value?

Monday, February 21st 2005, 9:00am

Author: ejzajac

Spears facory manifold

What are reccomendations on Spears factory manifolds? Durability, price, and value. Any sources for purchase?

Tuesday, February 15th 2005, 8:17am

Author: ejzajac

Depth of lines?

Any guidelines for the depth of main lines (1 1/4" PVC) and lateral (1" poly) in northwest Iowa with very soft/sandy and hilly conditions?

Tuesday, February 15th 2005, 8:10am

Author: ejzajac

Designing manifold

1. Any standard guidelines for spacing between PVC T's (1") for a valve manifold using irritrol 1 " valves? 2. Reccomendations for number of valves (1") in standard box, jumbo box? 3. Preferences between threaded vs. slip on valves?

Monday, September 27th 2004, 9:26am

Author: ejzajac


I do not find Rainbird drip products on the SprinklerWarehouse.Com website including in-line filters, landscape dripline, in-line pressure regulators. Help for other sources??

Tuesday, September 21st 2004, 11:26am

Author: ejzajac

Rotors Multiple size zones

Is the spray pattern of the Hunter I 20s distorted on short ranges using the low angle nozzles?

Monday, September 20th 2004, 7:53am

Author: ejzajac

Controllers Pro C or ICC

I need a controller for 14 zones including several drip zones. The Hunter Pro C can expand to this quantity. Would the ICC have any advantages other than expandability? Other brands that would be comparable in quality to expand to 14 zones?