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Monday, May 21st 2007, 3:13pm

Author: Jef

Valves per box

4 valves in a standard 12x17 would work fine

Monday, May 21st 2007, 3:11pm

Author: Jef

master control valve; several questions

i would suggest using a master valve. there's no reason not to unless u wanted to have garden hose attachments away from the house

Monday, May 21st 2007, 3:05pm

Author: Jef

Trouble shooting Hunter valves?

make sure both ports in the solenoid chamber are clear of debris, strip the paper off of a twist tie and slide it through both the holes to make sure they are clear.

Monday, May 21st 2007, 2:51pm

Author: Jef


first of all, if waves are a problem put the pump up on a platform (a platform built on top of 4 4x4 posts. also put electrical outlets and or switches at raised level, second, algae shouldn't be a problem with pop up rotors or sprays if the intake is filtered.

Monday, May 21st 2007, 2:34pm

Author: Jef

range matching question

hunter i-20's carry a 5 year warranty and are much more sturdy than a rain-bird 5000

Monday, May 21st 2007, 2:31pm

Author: Jef

Using Center Strips

don't forget the end strips

Monday, May 21st 2007, 2:30pm

Author: Jef

Using Center Strips

i agree, center strips should work well. Just space heads 15' apart.

Monday, May 21st 2007, 2:27pm

Author: Jef


i-20's also have a 5 year warranty and a stronger retraction spring

Monday, May 21st 2007, 2:18pm

Author: Jef

Rotor or impulse on standpipe?

sch. 40 is not uv resistant and i would not suggest u use it. Use sch. 80 and if you're going higher than a few feet, i would suggest using either galvanized or copper (copper looks nicer)

Monday, May 21st 2007, 2:12pm

Author: Jef

Pop up's too low

1/2" pvc riser extension?