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Saturday, May 18th 2013, 5:37pm

Author: rando67

Solved problem: Thanks

I want to thank Wet-Boots and Scott76 for their expert advice. After splitting my irrigation run into two zones, all is well with my pop-ups. A little fine tuning was necessary with my sprinkler heads to get the coverage right, and I have to stagger the start time of the zones, but all is well. I had indeed "overdrew my water budget". Thanks to the experts, rando67

Sunday, May 5th 2013, 6:04pm

Author: rando67

Startup of new system:pop-ups don't pop up

After complete success designing and installing a pop-up system for my Mom's flower box using 1/2" pvc pipe and Irritrol I-PRO400 sprinklers, I decided to tackle my own irrigation system for my small 800 sqft lawn. The system was designed using 1" poly pipe with Blazing 1" couplers that have 1/2" risers. Once again I have used Irritrol I-PRO400 sprinklers with PRO-VAN-8 8 ft. adjustable arc sprinkler nozzles. The total run is 65 ft and is connected to a garden faucet with a 20 ft run of garden h...