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Thursday, September 15th 2005, 4:33pm

Author: macann

Pressue Problem?

I have a multitude of problems installing my new sprinkler system but will describe one of the below in the hopes of getting some advice. In designing my system, I tested 55 psi static pressure on my exterior faucet. It remained at 55 psi even when I opened sequentially numerous other interior faucets in my house. All the supply lines seem to be 1/2 copper. For my sprinkler system, the plumber tapped into the larger 1" copper pipe just after the meter. It is 1" copper pipe all the way to the PVB...

Wednesday, September 14th 2005, 11:52am

Author: macann

Febco Problems - Spewing Water - More info

I have previously posted an note about water spewing out the top of my Febco. It was previously connected to my sprinkler valves. I have now separated it from the sprinkler systems in order to diagnose the problem. There is currently only a 1' section of PVC pipe connected to the outlet of the Febco. I have taken the top bell top off my Febco to watch it in action. Here is what is happening. 1) I open the inlet valve, which comes from copper piping from my house. The diaphram inside seals comple...

Monday, September 12th 2005, 5:39pm

Author: macann

Febco 765 spewing water

I have a problem with a new Febco 765. It is new and professionally installed. I open the inlet value to the Febco and it appears to open properly. Then I open the faucet which is attached about 2" to the left of the Febco outlet. Water starts spewing out the top of the Febco. I put the sprinkler system in myself but haven't tried to test it yet until I resolve this problem. I read that the sprinkler valves must be at least 12" below the Febco (which they are) but I am thinking that at least one...