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Sunday, April 16th 2017, 10:09am

Author: dblackburn

Low Flow - fixed by manually opening BFP release valves

I just replaced my BFP because I always had low flow. To fix my flow problems I would shut off the water leading to the sprinklers (after the BFP) and open all three values (no particular order) and then close them. I would open the water valve again and my flow is perfect through all 5 zones. Replacing the BFP did not fix my problem. Any suggestions as to why opening those release valves fixes the problem and more importantly - any idea what the underlying problem is? Thanks

Monday, October 24th 2016, 8:20am

Author: dblackburn

Wilkins 975XL - Flow Problem - NO Leaks

I have a Wilkins 975xl backflow preventer. It is removed every winter and passes its test before every spring. That said - my sprinkle output is very weak. Each time I run the sprinklers I have to shut off the water coming from the Wilkins and open the three relief valves. This can be done in any order - once all three are open - I shut them off one at a time - open the water valve back up - and my sprinklers run just fine..... Once done all 5 zones run normally. There are no visible leaves from...