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Monday, November 1st 2004, 3:13am

Author: bigharold58

Rotor Helps....PLEEEEEEZZZ....

When I bought my house, I went out and bought K-rain K-2 rotors for my front yard. I was pretty satisfied with the results I was getting. However, I began listen to others and reading others' forums and based on name, switched to Rainbird 5004's and now to Hunter PGP's. The result - wasted money following a name! I never really had a problem (other than my own error) out of my K-rain's. The distance of throw and the "around the head" coverage is just as good and maybe better than the Hunters and...

Monday, November 1st 2004, 2:56am

Author: bigharold58

Rainbird or something else

In my most recet experiences, the Rainbird 5004's have outperformed the Hunter PGP's - nozzle coverage and distance of throw.

Monday, November 1st 2004, 2:50am

Author: bigharold58

Hunter And Rainbird

I have both the Hunter PGP (#7 nozzles) and the Rainbird 5004 (#3 nozzles)installed in my yard. Both are good, however the throw of the Rainbirds has proven to be much longer than the Hunters. As a matter of fact the K-rain K-2's have a longer throw than the Hunter PGP's. It takes more than just a name and track record to remain on top!

Monday, March 1st 2004, 3:44pm

Author: bigharold58

Replace sprays with rotors on small yard patch?

Good question!; I need an answer to the same question about the same situation!

Monday, March 1st 2004, 5:34am

Author: bigharold58

Choosing the right Rotor and right location!

I have a front yard that is 30' x 50' (1500 sq ft) and I am not sure which type or rotor to use. I currently have 5 K-rain K2 rotors and 4 K-rain K1 rotors but I'm not sure which ones to use or where exactly should I place them. Any Ideas?