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Friday, September 21st 2007, 2:50pm

Author: wingsaircharter

manifold questions

If you read the directions you can put them on with no tools. I just did 20 today on 1" and 1.25" polu and never used a tool. They went on superbly and save tons of time. Now I just hope they don't ever leak.

Monday, August 20th 2007, 10:45am

Author: wingsaircharter

Rain bird Valve choice

I am building a system with about 35gpm at 35 psi. I am leaning toward DV valves with the 1.25 barb fitting out and the 1" fitting in. When choosing valves, why would someone pick a DV versus a Jar Top versus a PGA, etc? What does one do that the other doesn't?

Friday, August 17th 2007, 4:08pm

Author: wingsaircharter

Pump pressure

I am pumping out of the river and took some real readings now that the pump is hooked up. It is a 1988 Gould 2 hp XSH20. The pump is located about 10 feet above the water and pumps another 5 feet to the top of the hill. I hooked 30 feet of 1.25" poly on the 1.5" that comes out of the ground which is about 50 feet horizontally from the pump. I was pumping 60 gpm with about 0 psi showing on the guage. I added a 1.25" ball type valve and 80 feet of 1" poly and the pressure went to 35 and the flow t...

Wednesday, August 15th 2007, 3:29pm

Author: wingsaircharter

Pump location

I am pumping out of a river and redoing the whole irrigation system. The existing pump is about 25% of the way down a 16 foot steep drop to the river, in other words, about 4 feet from the top and 12 feet to the water. I have heard that it is better for a pump to be pushing water than pulling it. Since I am basically starting over, would it be better to relocate the 2 hp pump further down the hill?

Sunday, August 12th 2007, 3:45pm

Author: wingsaircharter

Pipe sizes on pump

My 2 hp pump has 2" inlet pipe and 1-1/2" outlet. Would change the outlet to 2" help the flow or is there a reason that the outlet has to be smaller? I am pumping out of a river using a filter basket.

Friday, August 10th 2007, 2:52am

Author: wingsaircharter

Backflow for drawing from river?

I will be drawing out of the river. No backflow device would be needed, correct? If I am wrong, what is the reason for the backflow device?

Friday, August 10th 2007, 1:28am

Author: wingsaircharter

Manifold size

I am a novice to sprinkler installs but have spent lots of time asking questions and reading up. I am designing a 110 head 10 zone system for my large yard using sprays, 5000 Rainbirds, and MP Rotators, all on different zones as suggested. I am drawing with a 2 hp pump out of the river. My question: I am going to run the Rainbird DV valves with the 1" inlet and 1-1/4 inch barb outlet that supposedly will flow from 2-40 gpm according to Rainbird. (which I don't really understand since 1" and 1-1/...