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Wednesday, July 24th 2013, 9:03am

Author: kiffy22

Heads blowing alot of air

Does anyone know what would cause my heads to blow excessive air on all zones in almost all heads for longer then normal when heads first pop up? Also sometimes the zones will switch and the one that is suppose to start will come up and trickle some water go back down than come back up like normal. Any suggestions or things I can try and change would be very well appreciated? Would nozzel size effect this at all? Thanks

Tuesday, May 28th 2013, 10:00am

Author: kiffy22

New sprinkler

Looking for some advice- I need a controller for 16 zones and I know I want rainbird can I just get this one with two of these 6 station Modules Heads PGP or 5004 which last longer? Sandy Soil/iron water Brand Valves? Brand Saddles? Good running 1.5 HP pump for sand point?