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The last 4 posts

Sunday, July 30th 2017, 11:38pm

by Wet_Boots

Yes, the left stop is not adjustable. The entire head must be moved to align it.

By the way, should you ever need it, you can actually make the head revolve in a full circle, by getting the right hand stop adjusted just so. But don't do this for fun, because it's very difficult to adjust it back to part-circle coverage.

Sunday, July 30th 2017, 8:43pm

by makesmefez

Ok, Thank you, I appreciate it.

But here is the problem. I pushed the collar down, and now I can adjust the right stop. I can make it go almost all the way around if I want. But I want to change the left stop. It needs to do a 180, staring south(my left in this example) and end up north and stop(my right). But all i can make it do is go more right. I cant get it to change the set point of where it stops left. Does that make sense?

Maybe I just have not played enough. But I tried pushing it down when it was going counterclockwise too, but that does not seem to change the left stop. The zone ran for ten minutes and I was a muddy mess (newly seeded area) so I quit for tonight. But thanks for getting me this far!


I think I might have found my answer:

Looks like you have to pull the internals to set left.

Thank you again. I would not have gotten that far without it.

Sunday, July 30th 2017, 12:21pm

by Wet_Boots

Turn on zone. When the head is popped up and spraying, expand the loose collar ring and slide it down (DOWN, NOT UP) - to increase arc, wait until the head is turning clockwise (preferably just after it reversed direction, so as to give you maximum time) Push down on the top of the head until it lowers to a stop (that is what the collar ring you loosened prevents from otherwise happening) and then rotate the head the amount by which you want to increase the arc. Release your hand from the head and confirm your adjustment by observing the new coverage arc.

If you increase the arc too much, you can decrease the arc by the same way, only in mirror-image fashion. Wait until it reverses direction from the right-hand stop, then push down and rotate counter-clockwise.

When the arc is correct, slide the collar ring back into position.

Saturday, July 29th 2017, 9:22pm

by makesmefez

Adjustable or not? Old rain bird rotor.

Is this head adjustable for radius? It is set at 90 degrees right now, I'd like it to be 180. It is a rain bird system I am assuming about 16 years old. They make a lot of clicky noise when they turn. I can feel the stops but can also push the head over the stops. I tried putting various drivers down the hole in the center, but they dont seem to turn anything. Re they just set at 90?