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The last 8 posts

Monday, September 29th 2003, 12:37pm

by Rays Sprinklers

its not really main disagreements its different thing here and there. I read it a while ago and i dont remember correctly what it was but i remember there was some

Sunday, September 28th 2003, 2:47pm

by segask

what are your main disagreements with Strykers tutorials?

Saturday, September 27th 2003, 4:38am

by Rays Sprinklers


Friday, September 26th 2003, 10:09am

by SprinklerGuy

I agree with that last Jess Stryker comment...very flawed in some cases.

Friday, September 26th 2003, 10:07am

by Rays Sprinklers

Im not familiar with the San Diego would have to ask your city water company. i would asume it would be okay but if not you would need to install an automatic inline valve (irritrol 2400t) and then an additional backflow before the valves. You would have to find out thou. I also noticed that some of Jess strykers irrigaton tortuiorls are not correct, and have some flaw

Thursday, September 25th 2003, 7:33pm

by segask

Thanks Ray. That was info I needed.

Another question: on Jess Stryker's excellent IrrigationTutorial site he says that some municipal codes forbid using drip lines controlled by an AntiSiphon Valve. Anyone happen to know if they are allowed in San Diego, CA?

Wednesday, September 24th 2003, 12:06pm

by Rays Sprinklers

You can install individual checkvales under the spray heads, known as the hunter HCV. Although you need one for each head, they are good to have. They can be used when using Anti-Siphon valves i believe they have to be 6" above the highest sprinkelr head pop-ed down...because that is when backflow would happen anyway. Of course if you have risers (always above ground, they have to be 6" higher then the highest riser. I would purchase the check valves forom sprinkler price.......also make sure y ou get the 1/2" threads for the sprays

Monday, September 22nd 2003, 7:22pm

by segask

check valve on sprinkler head downstream of ASV?


My front lawn slopes down towards the sidewalk. When the pop-up spray sprinklers turn off all the water runs out of the lowest head and across the sidewalk and down the street and makes a mess. I've read on some websites that you can get rotors with built in check valves to avoid this kind of thing. I read on one site that you could install check valves right in front of the sprinkler head yourself if it doesn't have it built in.

My question though is that the control valve is an AntiSiphon Valve and I know that one of the requirements for proper installation of ASV's is not to have any valves downstream of the ASV.
If I put check valves right in front of the sprinkler heads would it prevent the ASV from protecting against backflow?

Oh and by the way, when they say that the ASV must be 6" above the highest head, does that mean 6" higher when popped up or down? Imagine a flat level zone with 12" pop-ups. Should the ASV be 6" high or 18" high?