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The last 6 posts

Saturday, June 14th 2003, 4:54am

by drpete3

Sorry my diagram got screwed up.

I will try to describe how I think it should be done.

Main line to a valve to a tee. On the left side of the tee place a valve followed by the booster pump followed by a tee to back flow preventer to sprinkler system. Now go back to the original main line tee. On the right side run pipe up to the point of the tee that comes after the pump. Now place another tee here. Connect the 2 lines here including another valve at this location. Now on the right side downstream of the last tee put a valve then connect to house.

I wish I could draw this for you. If you want me to email you let me know and maybe I could draw a diagram that way. Also note that in my written diagram I did not include elbows a master valve, if you are going to have one, also some of these valves I would have electronic and some ball-cock type and I did not specify that either. Also dont for get drains if needed.

Saturday, June 14th 2003, 4:20am

by drpete3

I have never installed a booster pump but I would think it would be plumbed like this.
__valve__pump____valve__boiler drain___sprinklers
_Main___valve__I I
line I______________I___valve__house

Dont take my word on this butI think this is how I would do it. I would aslo suggest drawing this out and take it to where you are purchasing the pump and see what they say. I hope you can follow my diagram.

Friday, June 13th 2003, 6:48am

by scidlik

drpet3, Do you have an answer for me? I would like any help I can get.

Tuesday, May 27th 2003, 4:09am

by scidlik

The well works on a 30 to 50 psi switch. I checked my well output at 13 gpm substained (two hours) but, could not maintain good pressure. I would like to run my system at 45 to 50 psi. I am watering about two acers of grass. That does not count the house and drive. Some of the runs will be long. I also realize a booster pump will not increase my gpm. I am going to put about 10.5 gpm per zone.

I am looking for advise on the best way to plumb it with my house supply in mind. I think if I plumb it staight to the sprinkler system I will not have any water to the house. I know to set my watering times accordingly.

Friday, May 23rd 2003, 3:53pm

by drpete3

Just a question for scidlik. Why is the booster pump recommended? Is it becusse you will have real long runs? To get more gpm? or need more pressure?

Friday, May 23rd 2003, 5:57am

by scidlik

Booster Pump with Private Well

I have had two places design my system they both recomend a booster pump with my well. I am installing the system myself. My question is. I was told to plumb it in like a water softener with three valves so you can bypass it if needed and you would also be boosting your house pressure while watering. If this is correct will water flow through a centrifical pump when it is not running?

Does anyone have any othe ideas how to plumb it?

I have a 1 inch supply from the well and I am running a 1 1/4 feeder line to the valves. I will have 80 rotors with 16 zones.