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The last 10 posts

Friday, May 16th 2014, 9:20pm

by Bellanca

Been reading the on-line reviews and RainMachine may be the way to go. The reviews from CyberRain are a little disappointing.

Just one question: 12 zones isn't enough for me. Can two RainMachines be daisy chained together so both don't try to run sprinklers at the same time? I don't have enough water pressure for that.

Tuesday, September 10th 2013, 7:21pm

by BigAlT

Rain Machine

You can set the actual days the RainMachine will water ( I have mon, wed & fri ) using the Weekdays option under frequency in programs.
I contacted Dragos in RainMachine customer service regarding having a water all zones option in Manual Watering. He replied that they are working on adding that as an option under manual watering. I suggested that they also add the ability to select multiple zones in manual watering if you want to water more than 1 but not all zones for the same period of time ( such as multiple lawn zones ). He said he'd pass on the request to the software developer.

Tuesday, September 10th 2013, 4:19pm

by Dashman

It arrived!

Well, setup went smoothly. Fairly easy, just connect the wires and turn it on. Then run through the config process. Off the bat I can tell you that I wish they had added a "all zones" to the "water now" area of the program. Web access to the controller is horribly slow to connect, but runs well once its up. The interface is a bit clumsy, could stand cleaning up. Would also be nice if you could set the actual days for watering instead of "every 3 days, every 4 days, etc etc. I'll keep you updated on how it does!

Sunday, September 8th 2013, 12:03am

by Dashman

Took the plunge - ordered RainMachine

OK all. I read the forums, searched the web, and hunted down reviews before making my decision. I looked seriously at Cyber-Rain and RainMachine in the end. I want a semi-intuitive controller, accessible from my Phone, that takes the weather into consideration before it starts with the sprinklers. One that can be easily programmed, to run several different start times. My setup is a simple one, 6 zones in operation, planning on adding a couple more as time goes on next summer. My city does a flat charge for our water usage, so my main goal is an awesome looking lawn, not concerned about the water bill.

Everything I read led me to this Rainmachine as the solution for what I want to get done. It is IMHO the most oaffordable in class, and seems to actually use current weather data. I set it up for speedy delivery from amazon, and I'll report back what I find out ... guess its time to see if it is as good as what I read on Amazon!

Thursday, August 22nd 2013, 1:06am

by BigAlT

RainMachine Owner

I just installed a RainMachine ( replacing a CyberRain Pro Cloud Controller which didn't actually vary the watering times based on daily downloaded weather forecasts as it advertises it does but only varies them quarterly based on some sort of historical data ).
While I've only had the RainMachine installed for 5 days, I did check to see if it actually varied the watering times based on it's daily calculated watering percentage ( you set the watering time for each zone at what it would require on a typical summer day and the controller varies it down based on the forecasted hi & low temps from NOAA as well as projected rain. It will also increase watering if the forecasted temps are significantly higher than the average summer temps for your location ). By checking the time it actually watered and comparing that time to the percentage of water use it calculated should be irrigated ( with my zone run times as the base amount ) i can confirm that it does indeed vary the watering times based on the daily weather forecast exactly as advertised.
The iPhone & Android apps run a little slow and could use some tweaking & upgrading but do allow you to fully program the controller as well as activate manual watering. The controller has a built in browser & can be accessed from either Safari or Google Chrome browsers from any computer on the same network. It's wifi enabled and the wifi is actually a thumb sized USB wifi unit that plugs into an external USB port on the top. A second USB port on the top is probably for future expansion.
The whole front of the unit is a capacitive color touch screen display which not only displays the 5 day weather forcast and what percentage of the watering time you have set it will water that day ( if it's a day you have scheduled ) but also either the last 30 days or last years savings. You can also fully program the unit from the touch screen.
The firmware is also remotely upgradable for future enhancements or improvements.
It also does not require a manufacturer supported server to calculate and transmit the daily weather based watering times to the controller with the reliability issues that they can cause.
Like all of the Ethernet enabled controllers it isn't perfect ( I'd really like it to use the feed from my personal weather station via Weatherbug or Weather Underground but that would probably require a manufacturer supported external server and inject the reliability issues that their use entails ).
Check it out.

Sunday, August 18th 2013, 10:38am

by bluespray (Guest)

Why don't you send me one and I'll hook it up in my yard.
Then you can get an honest review.

If you would like to see how BlueSpray works, we would be more than glad to send you a unit to review.

Saturday, August 10th 2013, 3:04am

by mrfixit

Why don't you send me one and I'll hook it up in my yard.
Then you can get an honest review.

Friday, August 9th 2013, 9:42pm

by rainmachine (Guest)


Yes, it is very new, no reviews yet, except few comments on Amazon.
But, do not hesitate to send any questions at

Or, you can buy one with 30 days money back, no questions asked.

Monday, July 29th 2013, 12:50pm

by Wet_Boots

Hey, buy one and report back. We'd all like to hear from a user of these products.

Sunday, July 28th 2013, 6:12pm

by (Guest)

RE: RainMachine, new product?

Hello, I'm new here and I've been searching around for any information on this RainMachine product I came across this morning.

Looks like it has just been released, only 1 customer review on amazon and next to nothing on any websites. I've seen it mentioned a few times here. It looks to be priced well at $249 for a wifi capable modern tech controller.

I'm looking into adding a sprinkler system to my new house and wanted to see what was out there in-regards to high-tech controllers.

Has anyone actually tried one or heard from someone who has? There haven't been any official reviews that I can find.


I'm VERY interested in this product. Come on, doesn't anyone know about it???