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Friday, March 22nd 2013, 11:14am

by thallex (Guest)

Swapped the working diaphram and reconnected to the ones that didnt work and all zones worked manually. Looks like i'll just replace the manifold and the 4 valves. Guess its time to start digging once the weather heats up a bit.

Earthquake was in Northern Virginia of all places.

I really appreciate all your assistance.


Thursday, March 21st 2013, 9:13pm

by mrfixit

Yep, go ahead and swap bonnets and diaphragms.
Where was this earthquake?

Thursday, March 21st 2013, 1:38pm

by thallex (Guest)

There doesnt seem to be any flow controls, not that I can see/find. I can definitely hear water flowing/spraying (at the solenoid) when opened manually on the 3 valves that arent working.

In theory, couldnt I just remove the working diaphram and housing and connect to one that isnt working and open that manually (all others closed), just to see if water is getting to the heads?

I'm really just trying to eliminate the possibility of having more busted PVC (from valve to heads) and having to walk around the yard with a rod, poking into the ground....

Looks like the system was installed in '98, but was used last 2 years ago. Freak Earthquake caused some damage to underground so i'm just trying to eliminate causes.


Thursday, March 21st 2013, 12:51pm

by mrfixit

You might have a wiring issue but you definetly have valve issues.
See if the flow controls are turned off. If they're not off three of the valves need repair. They need new diaphragms or replaced totally.
Since you have water in the box you'll need syphon out the water, dig up the box, turn the water back on and see where the leak is.
You might want the box to dry up overnight before turning the water back on.
Since you have the box dug up maybe you'll just fix everything while you're in there. New manifold and valves. I have no way of knowing how old things are from here.
Maybe the manifold is fine and you'll just want to install new valves.

If all that sounds like too much you might want to hire a pro. It's a 2 hour job give or take to rebuild that manifold and install new valves.
For a home owner. It's a 1 weekend job. =)

Good luck!

Thursday, March 21st 2013, 12:35pm

by thallex (Guest)

Multiple Zones not working


New owner of a house with sprinkler system. Just trying to figure out what could be the exact issue. House had a broken main line from meter to house. This was replaced. Possibly due to an earthquake. Went to run sprinkler and no zones would work. Realized that water was continually running (not pressurizing), so I walked around to find a broken water line to the valve control box in back yard. Fixed the PVC and the system definitely pressurized as I waited for the water running sound to stop. Zone 1 (front yard) works electronically, but none others do. Went to back yard to open manually and notice that there is water in the control box. There are 4 valves back there, 3 do not work manually and 1 does even though when i turn them all on, I hear water running and i can get water to spray a bit from solenoid.

My question is this. Could I be looking at another 3 seperate broken pipes from the valves to the heads?

Any other thoughts or options I could look for?