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The last 10 posts

Sunday, April 1st 2012, 9:38pm

by bird1984

Thank you both. There was a rock in station number 9. Sprinkler system works great. You are absolutely correct, neatness does count. Lot of work, but well worth it. Really looking forward to using our sprinkler system versus dragging that hose around. This is an awesome site. Thank you .

Wednesday, March 28th 2012, 11:47am

by mrfixit

I'd like you to try something for me. Disconnect the wires from the controller for valves numer 8 and 9. Now see if they come on when you run 1-7. If they don't there's an issue with the controller or you have them hooked up to the master valve terminal.
Hook the wires back up.
Now go out to the valves and disconnect one wire from each of valves 8 and 9.
Go back to the controller and see if they come one with 1-7. If not you have a wiring issue.
If you had debris in the valves keeping them open they wouldn't shut off when you turned off 1-7.
What runs when you turn on valve 8 and valve 9?

Wednesday, March 28th 2012, 9:50am

by Wet_Boots

Neatness counts in sprinkler work, too, but before you start taking valves apart, make sure the solenoids are not positioned as to cause a valve to be manually open.

Tuesday, March 27th 2012, 7:46pm

by bird1984

Gentlemen, it ended up being the 9 valves. I have Toro Jar Top valves and rather than change the diaphrams, I ended up replacing them with Hunter valves. I now have another problem and based on the threads I have read her, sounds like I might have got a little dirt in the valves. When I turn on the zones 1 -7 individually, zones 8 and 9 come on as well, everytime. I think there is dirt keeping the diaphrams open..therefore, giving me low pressure on some of the heads. Besides that, sprinklers are working pretty good. Your thoughts?

Tuesday, March 13th 2012, 10:42am

by mrfixit

I'm just trying to figure out if he has a master valve.

Tuesday, March 13th 2012, 8:09am

by Wet_Boots

you need to locate the valves, anyway, so get that done - they are likely to be spread out and in small round valve boxes

Tuesday, March 13th 2012, 12:34am

by mrfixit

Can you post a picture of the wiring connected to the controller?
Go to Upload a picture then cut and paste the forum code here.

Monday, March 12th 2012, 6:35pm

by bird1984

Mr Fixit and Wetboots, I live in Amarillo,Tx. Not even close to the weather that you experience in NY. In addition, no one in my neighborhood experienced or is experiencing this issue. The houses were built the same year by the same builder. If it is the diaphrams that are stuck open, I can do the work myself, I just need to locate each valve. Your thoughts?

Monday, March 12th 2012, 9:42am

by GatorGuy

Mind telling us what part of the country you are in?
I'm in southeast Texas and freeze damage to valves just doesn't happen.
I'm trying to get a grasp on problems other regions face.

I mention that because there might be a fatal flaw in my next comment and I'm counting on the others to straighten me out.
If the valves have been damaged and need replacing, and the body is ok, you can usually rebuild them yourself if you can find the same type. But I'm not familiar with all the damage that can be done by freezing and don't know if the body would normally be split.

I also wonder if the pipe/joints might be damaged if there was enough water left in the system. If so you are in for a major headache.

Ok, folks, what am I not thinking about in a freeze situation?

Sunday, March 11th 2012, 10:12pm

by mrfixit

You do know where the one valve is. The valve the cable company damaged. What's the diagnosis on that valve? Take it apart and look at the diaphragm.
If the master valve has it's own seperate ground wire from the rest of the valves. Try disconnecting all the ground wires but the master valve. If the heads still leak then you have stuck diaphragms. If not it's a wiring problem.