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The last 6 posts

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011, 9:50pm

by mrfixit

Is there an unsed wire at the controller that may go near valve 2? If so replace the hot wire on number 2 with it. You may have a bad splice on the number two wire somewhere.

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011, 2:20pm

by AZ (Guest)

I reset the system last Friday morning(by pushing+/-)and put a new battery in on Saturday morning. Today is Wednesday and everything is working with no issues. This has happened before. It will work for a few months or so then it will start flashing again? I thought batteries only need to be replaced yearly?

Prior to replacing the battery I did go through the controller manually as you stated and I think the 2nd valve may have made the controller flash but then it did not happen again? If the wiring is bad between the controller and the valve as you stated as a possible cause would that be a big job to repair?

Should I just leave it alone now that it is working? I appreciate your help.


Friday, January 28th 2011, 6:35pm

by mrfixit

Now that you've changed your story stating it happens every 48 hours and not every few days I'm going to take a stab that you water at least part of your yard every other day.

Go through the controller manually and see which station number makes the controller flash. Then locate the valve and disconnect one wire from it. Go back to the timer and reset it and try again. If it doesn't flash the solenoid's bad. If it does flash there's a short in the wiring somewhere between the controller and the valve.

Friday, January 28th 2011, 2:34pm

by az (Guest)

Raindial Irritrol 600 D

I don't think it is the power supply because the controller is hard wired into my electrical box. It works for exactly 48 hours and then I check and it is flashing so I just reset with +/-. Could I have a bad solenoid that is causing the system to short out? How should I check the wires? I am new to all this so please bear with me. I live in AZ but am originally from WI. It rained in WI so I never had a use for irrigation systems.

I will try another new battery and see what happens.

Monday, January 24th 2011, 1:23pm

by mrfixit

Is the battery still good? I'm torn on which direction to send you. I want to say there's a problem with the power supply side of the controller. Supposing the timer is plugged into an outlet that is controlled by a light switch. Someone turns it off and on, the controller will flash if the battery is dead. Or any other power supply problem. Loose connection on the transformer for example.


Could be a wiring problem where two wires intermittently touch or are loose. Check all of the splices. I had a controller that would blow the fuse every few months. I finally put a slightly bigger fuse in the controller because running a new wire was too difficult. That was 7 years ago. The controller's still working.

Sunday, January 23rd 2011, 2:00pm

by AZ (Guest)

Rain Bird Irritrol 600D works for a couple days then time flashes

I have the above Rain Bird controller connected to two valves. It works for a few days and then the time flashes and watering does not occur. It shows that the valves are operating but no watering occurs. I have replaced the battery and this seemed to help for a few weeks but now every two days I have to push +/- to reset and then the system works again?