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The last 9 posts

Saturday, July 10th 2010, 3:59pm

by hi.todd

I agree.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbup:

Tuesday, July 6th 2010, 10:29pm

by Wet_Boots

Blue nozzles are just part of a sprinkler "beauty contest" that is going on these days. Even coverage has nothing to do with it. Every nozzle with good-looking close-in coverage is way overwatering that area. Ed Hunter got the nozzles right a very long time ago, and it takes someone overdrawing a water supply, and running heads at less than 30 psi or so, to get poor coverage from PGPs.

Tuesday, July 6th 2010, 10:23pm

by hi.todd

Here is what I can share off the top of my head. I am not looking at any charts so I may be corrected. The Blue nozzles are numbered with the gallons per minute on the nozzle like the rainbird nozzles for their rotors. The Red Nozzles on the older Rotors were not like that. What I generally do for residential is use 2 Blue for half circle, 4 for full circle and 1 for Quarter circle blue. This is matched precipitation with gallons per minute in a residential application. This is off the top of my head.
I have seen contractors that did replace the red nozzles with blue nozzles using the same number of the red corresponding to the new blue nozzles and that will kill every system that was designed to its capacity. I recommend that you avoid doing this.

Good Luck :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Tuesday, July 6th 2010, 8:29pm

by Wet_Boots

There is not one competent professional that requires the blue nozzles to get good coverage from a PGP sprinkler.

Tuesday, July 6th 2010, 7:01pm

by Mick

I guess they could throw shorter.I thought the new blue nozzles had a better pattern for total coverage more similar to the rainbird rainjacket pattern.I thought I would try them out but I did not know that it would affect my system.I would like to try them but I am unsure how to match them up for replacement as I am not an expert on these things.

Tuesday, July 6th 2010, 9:11am

by Wet_Boots

Can the system stand having the heads throw a shorter distance than they do right now? Standard PGP nozzles are just fine, so long as you have the correct ones installed.

Tuesday, July 6th 2010, 7:56am

by Mick

I do not understand trhe charts and how I would best match them up

Monday, July 5th 2010, 2:33pm

by mrfixit

Monday, July 5th 2010, 2:00pm

by Mick

Hunter Blue Nozzles

I currently have a system with Hunter pgp rotors and red nozzles and would like to try and change to the new blue nozzles.If I have a number 8,6,or 4 in red can someone tell me what the eqivilant is in the blue nozzles?