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Yesterday, 3:26am

by uujjiijj

canada goose jakke Norge MK 1/17/1999

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Friday, May 1st 2015, 9:56pm

by shenjiaojiao

[toms salg] ... thcVcalt5UCZ3

Wednesday, May 5th 2010, 7:16am

by Percy

This is quite true. You have to have a backflow preventer. In fact, it is the law in a lot of places so you have not choice. Some places will even tell you exactly which backflow preventer you are required to install so you can see it is taken very seriously. In some places it used in connection with "Cross Connection Control" which is another way of saying preventing backflow. If you haven't got one already then the best place to start is with your local authority to see what they require/recommend.

Thursday, April 15th 2010, 1:17am

by HooKooDooKu

No personal experience with any fertilizer injectors.

But a question... does your irrigation system have a Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Preventer isntalled between the irrigation equipment and the rest of your house and city water supply? If not, you must install an RPZ type backflow preventer before you install anything that injects something into the irrigation system. A PVB, DC, and anti-siphon valves are not adiquate protection to ensure no fertilizer finds its way into your drinking water.

Tuesday, April 6th 2010, 12:06am

by rougefirefighter (Guest)

Fertigator MoJo

I am looking into putting the Fertigator mojo 1 gallon system on my existing sprinkler system. Just had a few questions that I am trying to get answered. So if anyone can help me out that would be great.

I have about 8,000 sq/feet of lawn, at watering about 3 times a week for six zones 20 min a zone does anyone have any experience how long 5 gallon of the fertilizer will last? (I have a general idea, but was seeing if anyone out there has first hand experience)

How safe is the stuff for kids? I water early in the morning so by the time the kids are playing in the yard later in the day is is usually dry, but just want to make sure. I don't need any glowing kids running around.

Has anyone seen an improvemnt in their lawn?

What kind of savings have you seen on your water bills? The main reason for me getting this system is trying to save some cash on water bills, the area I live in does not allow dual meters fo outdoor water use.

Thanks all for your help.