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Yesterday, 3:59pm

by shenjiaojiao

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Yesterday, 3:23am

by uujjiijj

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Yesterday, 3:20am

by vvggbbhh

canada goose salg Norge MK 1/17/1999 read the novel "love reading" "drops...... Detected by scanning the electromagnetic wave... The ship has been found. " Electronic voice, destroyed the human lucky heart. Spacecraft moment busy. As a wartime commander, Mo asked immediately superior, to arrange the command. "Report on the spacecraft state estimation into GREE Ze galactic time and speed." Don't ask God feeling nervous, but very calm. At this distance will be found, not only means that the intense fight, it means the world is a piece of hard bone, well, can you lost. But now people have not go back, so can do, is a road. Either you succeed, the establishment of an ideal world of business; or lose hundreds of millions of people waiting behind the human fall, revenge. Of course, nobody wants to be the latter. "The ship operation and maintenance team commander in chief Zhong Xinyun to report to you. At present,michael kors hamilton, the speed of the spacecraft 0.612 the speed of light, all of the fighter, the perfect armor reserve. The energy, all the physical energy is 100% correct; nuclear energy reserves of the remaining 73.4%. Air,toms sko barn, food, water and other spacecraft spaceship perfectly intact. In addition,ray ban briller dame, the spacecraft from Gree Ze gravity influence range is 276000000000 km, Gree Ze galaxies influence radius of 76000000000 km. At the current rate, we will enter the Gree Ze circle of influence in 337 hours. Report completed. " "Good." Don't ask to lower the head to contemplate, the situation is absolutely the worst. Has not yet entered the range, as the enemy were detected. So, this leads to a problem. The ship can not,ray ban norge, can not, dare not enter the galaxy internal deceleration, deceleration state ship, will be in the most dangerous state, when the ship is very heavy, only around in orbit is fixed, as long as a good race, you can catch the ship violently attack, the consequences of needless to say, the fall is inevitable the. Now the energy shield protection technology, and can't be installed in such a monster on the ship. So. The best way is to. Now began to slow down,toms salg, but was slow for the spacecraft speed from 0.612 times the speed of light (230000 kilometers per second) reduced to 100 kilometers per second. Here the light is almost negligible,canada goose salg, basically can not use the solar sail. Solar sail area is too large. Also easy to mutual locking. There's just one message is not how good. It is here,toms sko butikk, have not yet entered the Gree Ze circle of influence. Stellar gravity also almost no anti gravity, so the engine can not work. It can provide to slow the ship, only plasma engine. Only 2 m / s ^2, in order to complete the reduction, takes about 32000 hours, far more than is now 337 hours near the star ships needed! But a wise commander, not simply by the method of emancipating the mind, they will do better...... "You listen to, the spacecraft is now beginning to slow down, slow down is divided into two parts. First, pay attention to operation and maintenance personnel,michael kors vesker, the spacecraft began around the direction of deflection, Gree Ze star system running, and gravity reduction; we do not directly into the Gree ze.…rward=1&id=2705…ac=blog&blogid=…&extra=page%3D1…=917307#p917307

Friday, May 1st 2015, 9:45pm

by uujjiijj

[toms norge] ... TGdmfYrP1tP0r

Wednesday, July 1st 2009, 11:29am

by RACook

EZ-Flo & Liquid Fertilizer

I just received my EZ LEF 626-2.5 - Live Earth "Harmony" - Liquid Fertilizer. I am not sure if I am suppose to dilute it or not. Information on the SW site states 1-2 quarts. So do I put 2 quarts in my EZ-Flo container (1.5 Gal) and fill the rest with water? Or can I just fill the EZ-Flo container with the liquid?

Wednesday, August 13th 2008, 10:33am

by worachj

Well, I went the cheapest route and purchased an EZ Flo system. The purchase cost was 60% cheaper than the injector systems. I do believe there’s dilution with the EZ Flo system but with micro-dosing the fertilizer every time I water the lawn I doubt I will notice.

So I went with the EZ Flo system because of cost, ease of installation (no wiring), 5 year warranty, little to no maintenance and the ability to use any water soluble fertilizer and bio conditioners.

Monday, July 21st 2008, 6:38pm

by worachj

Thanks again for your input, much appreciated. I’ll start looking into Dosematic and FertiGator.

Monday, July 21st 2008, 3:55pm

by Lowvolumejeff

Injectors rule!

Yes, dilution was a major problem. I was calculating mix and dilutions, and if I wanted to use the amount mixed up on several zones, was not confisent the last zone was receiving the same dilution as the first. BTW, there was always some faint dye left after running it. When is it empty? The flow control is a not very specific.

I have a Dosematic, and am happy with it. I think any of the types are adequate.

AVB is great. :) Jeff

Monday, July 21st 2008, 2:59pm

by worachj

Thanks for the insight. I will have to take a closer look at the injectors before I purchase a system. Was dilution the main reason you stopped using your EZ-Flow or where there other problems with it? I have a PVB for my backflow device which meets the code in my area and seems to be adequate for the EZ-Flow.

What injector do you own, FertiGator?

Saturday, July 19th 2008, 7:53pm

by Lowvolumejeff

Dilution of fertilizer

I'm with you on this. Despite the hype, the colorant definitely is diluted, and although more seems to stay towards the bottom of the tank, there is admixture, and colorant dilutes withthe incoming water at the top.

Chemistry and physics laws makes me doubt there is no dilution.

I have one, but got smart and invested in an injector. Never looked back.

Just make sure to use the correct backflow device, whichever type you are using.